Yeshivas Kayitz Program sun The Hershey & Raisy Friedman Campus

Thrusday's Bounce House Mechina / June 28


On the first full day of camp, the 8th grade program had a blast at the Bounce trampoline park. With many different types of trampolines, bouncing dodgeball games, dunking in baskets and three really fun obsticle courses.

Doughnuts and Gatorade were served on the way out, and a grand barbeque was waiting for them at the lake when they arrived back in camp.

Starting the summer off with a bang! (Or a bounce)

Schmadoooozel Mechina / June 28


No better way to encourage the guys to learn Mishnayos Ba'al Peh every Shabbos, then to offer them a "Schmadoooozel"!

With marinated wings grilled to perfection, together with an ice cold drink and a side, these boys wish they could do a double quota! YKK is rocking, together with MBP, the most amazing Bochurim and our hardworking staff!

Schmadoooozel, the wisest man of all, is the camp mascot, who not only inspires us all with his interesting quotes and funny facts, but has the ability to convince any and every hungry bochur to learn the MBP quota.

A big thank you to our sponsor, arranger and grillmeister: Schmadoooozel.

A day in YKK Mechina, Mesivta, Yoishev / June 15

A day in the shoes of a bochur in Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston




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