Yeshivas Kayitz Program sun The Hershey & Raisy Friedman Campus

TJ Tana Mechina, Mesivta, Yoishev / July 17

TJ Tana.jpg

On Monday, all of YKK was treated with a great excitement of our very special in house entertainment, world famous magician TJ Tana.

Water Park! Mechina, Mesivta, Yoishev / July 10

water park.jpg

On Monday, the whole YKK got soaked at the Mountain Creek Water Park.

With sloapy water slides, wave pools and 99 foot drops into the refreshing pools of the mountainous water park, the guys all had a wonderful time on this spectacular trip. to finish off a great day, YKK was treated to a scrumptious grilled hicken sandwich dinner before heading back to camp.

Visiting Day Mechina, Mesivta, Yoishev / July 9

Visiting day.jpg

Visiting day happened this Sunday in YKK. No need to describe what it was. You were there.




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