Yeshivas Kayitz Program sun The Hershey & Raisy Friedman Campus

Thursday's Trips Mechina, Mesivta / June 30


YKK had a blast this Thursday as both programs went on their own spectacular trip!

The 8th grade program had a two part trip for themselves. Beginning with a great time at the bowling alley and moving right along to Gravity Vault of Poughkeepsie New York, where the boys had the chance to do some indoor rock climbing and other fun activities.

The Mesivta program enjoyed a day in the great outdoors with a wonderful trip of water tubing.

To end off the day, they all came back to camp to be treated to beautiful BBQ suppers. An exciting day for the whole camp!

Sports Leagues Begin in YKK Mechina, Mesivta / June 28


After a few exhibition games to start off the sports summer, YKK sports has now officially begun.

Mesivta and 8th Grade each have their own leagues, which have started with a draft to split up the teams. Now it's game time! Best of luck to all the players, teams, captains, coaches and refs!

Night Activity Mechina / June 28


The Not So Late Night Show with Chaim and Mendel (night activity), are the great game shows prepared and presented by YKK's very own night activity directors. These games are there to brighten up the night, and end a great day with an even greater night.

On Sunday we had the first show, a game called Minute To Win It. Where the contestants all had to do various different challenges, all within a minute's time.

On Tuesday, we had our second show of the week, with a game called Blind Musical Chairs. It's Musical Chairs, but they were blind folded. Pretty simple, but really fun/funny!

All the boys are looking forward and can't wait for the next game shows being prepared by Chaim and Mendel. Expectations are high by the Bochurim, and they will not be disappointed!

Mivtza Zicher Kick-off Mechina / June 28


On Motzei Shabbos Parshas Chukas the 8th grade program officially kicked-off their very own Mivtza called "Zicher".

Mivtza Zicher is to help bring an excitement to all the good things which the bochurim Zicher do. Included in the Mivtza are things like Chitas, Rambam, Mikva and more. Throughout the summer, all participants will be receiving great prizes, and will be invited to attend exclusive Mivtza Zicher events.

To fill out the Duch every day, Mivtza Zicher was able to arrange special tablets for the Bochurim to insert what they have done, straight into the live statboard on the screen hanging above the Mivtza Zicher wall.

Asside for the individual awards, there are special Mivtza Zicher teams to give it a twist. The five teams race to outdo the others each week to receive a special pizza and ice cream party just for them. All teammates and captains do whatever they can to help and encourage they're fellow friends to get as many Mivtza Zicher points as they can for their team, to win the team prize. 

Mivtza Zicher is off to a great start! The Bochurim are busy becoming better chassidim one step at a time, as the staff are busy preparing for the prizes and events to come!




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